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Powered Mobile Shelving System

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Advanced PLC (programmable logic controller) system:

1. High reliability, anti-interference ability, long service life,

2. PLC system with power-off protection, fault diagnosis and information protection & recovery,

3. Complete facilities, perfect function and better applicability,

4. Easy to maintain, easy to transform,

5. Small size, light weight, low energy consumption.

Basic functions

1.Open the shelving with handle – use when power failed or other emergency.


2. Intuitionistic and convenient electric operation


(1) Keep the Power switch "open" which is on the fixed row, then the location lamp show the light.

(2) Open or close the shelving directly.

Press the button on the triangle lamp in which row you need open.

when the shelving stop or someone enter to the aisle, it'll stop because of the IR protection.

Then the lighting in the top shine, the shelving is in the state of prohibiting to move.

(3) If need further operation, pls. press the button on the triangle lamp no matter which row. Then could operate again.

(4) If need to close the shelving in total block, pls. press the button on the last row.

3. Operate in the touch screen

Touch screen is on the fixed row.

Could make open, close, show the temperature and humidity , etc.


(1) Open the power, control in the screen

(2) Open

Touch the screen, could make the function.For example, unit(row) 2 move to left.

(3) Stop

If you need the total block stop when the shelving moving, Only need to touch the "Stop" button.

(4) Remove protection

When it in IR protection,all the open operation will fail to work. Must remove protection,could make futher operation.

Only touch the "put out"is ok.

(5) Close

When mobile shelving don't use, should close it, so avoid the dust and rat

enter to it. When it not in protection state or remove the protection, could touch the "Close" to close the shelving.

(6) Ventilate(vent)

Here're temperature and humidity testing instrument in the shelving. When the shelving is closed for long time, should ventilate regularly. When it not in protection state or remove the protection, here're 2 ways :

a:manual ventilate:touch the screen "Ventilate";

b: automatic ventilate:when the shelving temperature and humidity over the setting temperature and humidity, it will automatic open to ventilate.

(7) Temperature & Humidity

Touch button "T&H"

8) Refering to books or files

Operator can use computer to look up the book position with bar code or RFID reader, the computer or screen will guide you to the right aisle.

9) Function of networking

Operator can use the computers or mobile phones to check the stored objects through the intelligent rack control system.

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